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Our mission is to empower clinical research professionals.

We are a global biostatistics consulting firm founded in Sydney, Australia and based in London, United Kingdom. We are committed to the development and constant improvement of learning resources in biostatistics for under-served industry niches such as medtech and pharma.  Our courses are designed for both graduate biostatisticians and biotech industry professionals. We are dedicated to promoting knowledge and awareness of the demands of ever-changing clinical research trends in the service of professional competency to need the needs of regulatory rigor in what is a high-stakes environment.

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Our philosophy

We believe in data.

It is insights, expertise and intellectual property that make or break the success of today’s life science sector businesses. At the intersection of these three components is biostatistics. The tool that transforms raw data into mission critical insights. After all, accurate insights is what gets therapeutic solutions to patients while ensuring their safety, and generates revenue for the business to fund future innovation. We firmly believe that keeping biostatistics innovative and current can chart the course of a life science start-up, complimentary to intellectual property and data asset, to impact on a company's innovative capacities and future financial growth.
Our team

Highly qualified instructors.

Our instructors are highly experienced industry biostatisticians who are greatly acknowledged in their commercial niche, as well as passionate and dedicated to teaching. They all combine professionalism and accuracy in everything they do. They deliver high quality teaching material, that corresponds to the highest standards of contemporary biostatistics and clinical research  practices. Their goal is to provide you both with a solid theoretical background, and a set of instantly applicable practices.
“I have always believed, and I still believe, that whatever good or bad fortune may come our way we can always give it meaning and transform it into something of value.”
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